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Upcoming Events

    • 09/26/2021
    • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Bush Lake Chapter

    Bush Lake Chapter's Annual Member Meeting

    - To be held outdoors, weather permitting. Please bring lawn chairs.

    - Chapter News and Updates

    - Annual Member Meeting, Board Election & Awards

    - Canoe Race

    -Bring your own picnic lunch/tableware. Chapter will provide non-alcoholic beverages. 

     If you would like to participate in the canoe race, please bring lifejackets (using your own canoes), and please do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during the race. 

    While we hope to be in-person, depending on Covid-19 conditions, the Annual Member Meeting may change to a virtual meeting. 

    • 10/06/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Bush Lake Chapter, 7515 Izaak Walton Road W, Bloomington, MN 55438
    • 30

    Free & Open to the Public, Registration Required as Space is Limited 

    Join us for an exciting evening of conservation! 

    • Get the Lead Out Presentation by Carrol Henderson (see below)
    • What You Can Do by the Bush Lake Chapter
    • Lead Tackle Exchange (give us your lead tackle, receive a lead free tackle kit)
    • Kids Activity (Drawing Loons, Trumpeter Swans, & Bald Eagles)
    • Free Posters and Prizes

    Carrol Henderson will present on lead poisoning in wildlife and strategies for increasing the use of nontoxic fishing tackle and ammunition. Carrol Henderson is the retired DNR Nongame Wildlife Program supervisor who served in that capacity from 1977 to 2018. 

    Since 1977, Carrol Henderson has been recognized for his accomplishments in developing and implementing a statewide program for nongame wildlife conservation in Minnesota that has received national and international recognition. During his service in charge of the Nongame Wildlife Program he initiated projects for the reintroduction of Trumpeter Swans, River Otters, and collaborated on the reintroduction of Peregrine Falcons, conservation of Bluebirds, research on Bald Eagle lead poisoning, and contaminant studies on Common Loons resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Carrol is the author or coauthor of 13 books which have sold over 300,000 copies. All the royalties from his DNR books have gone to the Nongame Wildlife Program.​

    • 10/09/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Bloomington

    Oak Grove Presbyterian in Bloomington is proud to host its 3rd

    Annual EV Expo on Saturday, Oct 9 th 11am-3pm. Over 20 EVs will

    be on display with owners who will share their driving experiences.

    The American Lung Association will host dealer test drives of some of

    the latest EV models. Talks by experts will include:

    • “What EV is Right for You?”
    • “Utility Rates and Rebates for EVs” and
    • “Let’s Go to Electric School Buses Now!”
    • “Charging Networks for Road Tripping”
    • “Women’s Panel on Why We Love EVs”

    Electric bikes, e-scooters, e-mowers and e-snow blowers will be on

    display, along with an EV transit van and an electric school bus.

    The events and test drives follow all Covid protocols and are free and

    open to the general public.

    For more information, contact John Crampton

Past events

07/27/2021 Hennepin County Aquatic Invasive Species Workshop
06/22/2021 Chapter Swim Area Closed June 22
06/05/2021 2021 Bloomington Kids' Fishing Fair
05/29/2021 Save Tierney's Woods- May 29
05/22/2021 Save Tierney's Woods- May 22
05/21/2021 Save Tierney's Woods- May 21
05/08/2021 Spring Clean Up and New Member Orientation
05/01/2021 Virtual Annual Minnesota Division Meeting
04/24/2021 Earth Day- Bush Lake Clean Up
03/25/2021 Gardening for Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths!)
12/01/2020 Winter Salt Watch
10/13/2020 Chapter Fundraiser- Donate $20 for 2020!
09/20/2020 Virtual Annual Member Meeting
08/26/2020 Attracting Bees and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants
08/11/2020 Returning Elk to Northeast Minnesota
08/05/2020 Landscaping for Water Quality
07/29/2020 Photo Contest- Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
05/28/2020 Sustainable Lawns: Fescues & Flowers
03/07/2020 Watershed & Climate Summit 2020
02/22/2020 Bloomington presentation: Health Soils for Healthy Lawns
02/22/2020 Bloomington - Sustainable Living info booth & presentation
02/01/2020 Wood Duck/Bird House Maintenance
01/25/2020 Presention: "For the Love of the River" by Darby & Geri Nelson & John Hickman
01/25/2020 Presentation: Climate-Friendly Lawns & Landscapes
01/25/2020 Richardson Nature Center - Ice Harvest & Climate Conversations
01/25/2020 Winter Meeting - Minnesota Division Izaak Walton League
01/19/2020 Winter Fete 2020: Ice Fishing & Snowshoeing at Bush Lake (Public Beach)
12/14/2019 Bush Lake Christmas Bird Count
11/03/2019 KidsWind at Bush Lake
10/26/2019 Fall Chapter Cleanup
10/17/2019 Bloomington Conservation & Environmental Issues Forum
09/29/2019 Annual Member Meeting
09/14/2019 EV Expo
07/28/2019 Art in Nature- Popup Crafts
07/02/2019 An Evening of Bats
06/29/2019 Art in Nature- Popup Crafts
06/29/2019 Volunteer Native Planting Event
06/12/2019 Sustainable Lawns: Fescues & Flowers
06/08/2019 Plant Posse Work Days
06/05/2019 Sustainable Lawns: Fescues & Flowers
06/01/2019 2019 Bloomington Kids Fishing Fair
05/21/2019 Sustainable Lawns: Fescues & Flowers
05/04/2019 Spring Clean Up and New Member Orientation
04/30/2019 Climate Action: Simple Steps to Leave a Better World for Your Children
04/20/2019 Earth Day- Bush Lake Clean Up
04/13/2019 Sustainable Residential Landscaping
03/23/2019 2019 Watershed Summit: Ecosystems Approach to Water Management
03/16/2019 Free Class: Rain Barrels - Every Drop Counts
01/26/2019 Winter Fete: Ice Fishing at Bush Lake (Public Beach)
01/25/2019 MN Division Winter Gathering Jan. 25-26
01/23/2019 Cargill Sustainability Accountability - Mighty Earth Kick-Off Meeting
01/06/2019 Free Family Fun Day - Snow Sculptures
12/30/2018 Free Family Fun Day - Meet the Amphibians
12/15/2018 Bush Lake Christmas Bird Count
11/03/2018 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
10/13/2018 Chapter Fall Cleanup
09/23/2018 Annual Member Meeting
09/15/2018 Volunteer Planting Event
09/13/2018 Ikes Green Reads Book Club A Sand County Almanac
09/12/2018 Healthy Soils & Water Conservation
08/18/2018 Protect Our Pollinators Field Day
07/21/2018 Lawn Sustainability & Water Conservation
07/16/2018 Help Plant Rain Gardens by the MOA
06/26/2018 Bring Nature Home- Creating Wildlife Habitat
06/02/2018 Bloomington Fishing Fair
05/05/2018 Spring Clean Up and New Member Orientation
04/21/2018 Earth Day Event- Animal Tracks and Signs
04/19/2018 Ike's Green Reads- Conservation Book Club
04/04/2018 Healthy Soils for Healthy Lawns & Landscapes
02/24/2018 Lawn Sustainability & Water Conservation
02/24/2018 2018 Watershed Summit: Conservation in Action
02/17/2018 Wild Ones Design With Nature Conference
01/20/2018 Ice Fishing at Bush Lake (Public Beach)
10/14/2017 Chapter Fall Cleanup
10/08/2017 Bush Lake Chapter Annual Meeting & 80th Anniversary
09/23/2017 Volunteer Native Planting Event
06/03/2017 Kids' Fishing Fair (Optimist Club)
05/13/2017 Spring Clean Up and New Member Orientation
05/06/2017 Restoration Volunteer Opportunity - Bloomington
04/23/2017 Earth Day Event
04/22/2017 Earth Day - March for Science Minnesota @ State Capitol
04/19/2017 Minnesota Water Action Day at the State Capitol
01/27/2017 Winter Program, Meeting and Strategic Planning - Minnesota Division Izaak Walton League
11/12/2016 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
11/12/2016 "Give to the Max" Day/Week - Please Help Us with Fundraising
10/16/2016 Fall Cleanup, Potluck and Membership Annual Meeting
09/21/2016 Help Protect Ike's Creek (near MOA) with your comments
07/17/2016 Volunteer Native Planting Event Day 2-Sunday July 17
07/16/2016 Volunteer Native Planting Event Day 1-Saturday July 16
06/12/2016 Intro To Kayaking
06/05/2016 Protect Our Turtles Program
06/04/2016 Kids' Fishing Fair (Optimist Club)
05/07/2016 Spring Clean Up
04/06/2016 Ikes and Friends Day at the Capitol
04/02/2016 Izaak Walton's Birthday Party- Potluck and Orientation
03/12/2016 2016 Wetlands & Watersheds Summit
02/20/2016 Water-Smart Landscaping Tips - presentation
02/20/2016 Chapter Info Booth at Bloomington Home Improvement Fair (Bloomington City Hall)
02/20/2016 Wild Ones Design with Nature Conference (in St. Paul)
01/31/2016 Chapter Open House & Tour - Bloomington Winter Fete
01/30/2016 Winter Program, Meeting and Strategic Planning - Minnesota Division Izaak Walton League
11/07/2015 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
10/25/2015 Fall Cleanup, Member Annual Meeting, Potluck and Program
08/22/2015 Protect Our Pollinators Field Day
08/16/2015 Paddle To Save the Boundary Waters Event Bush Lake
07/19/2015 Volunteer Native Planting Event Day 2-Sunday July 19
07/18/2015 Volunteer Native Planting Event Day 1-Saturday July 18
05/09/2015 Protect Our Pollinators! Free Workshop
05/03/2015 Spring Clean Up- Potluck- Turtle Program
03/22/2015 Izaak Walton's Birthday Party- Member Renewal Day
02/21/2015 2015 Wetlands & Watersheds Summit
02/21/2015 Wild Ones Design with Nature Conference (in Minneapolis)
02/14/2015 Raingardens and Beyond
01/23/2015 Winter Meeting and Boundary Waters Program- Minnesota Division Izaak Walton League
11/22/2014 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
11/12/2014 Wild Ones Prairie Edge Chapter Climate Change in MN Forests
11/11/2014 Climate Parents/Grandparents Meeting w/ Senator Franzen
10/25/2014 Fall Cleanup, Program, and Annual Meeting
09/20/2014 Bloomington Heritage Days and Open House
09/06/2014 Minneapolis Monarch Festival
07/18/2014 Shoreland Planting - Volunteer Planters Needed
05/17/2014 Aqua per Capita
05/17/2014 Solar Boat Regatta
05/03/2014 Bush Lake Chapter Spring Cleanup
02/22/2014 Water-Smart Landscaping Tips - presentation
02/22/2014 Design with Nature Conference (in Plymouth)
02/22/2014 Chapter Info Booth (at Bloomington City Hall)
02/22/2014 2014 Watershed Summit: New Management Strategies & Targets for Water Quality & Quantity (in Bloomington)
12/04/2013 Public Input Needed - Recycling & Trash Management Plan (at Bloomington City Hall)
11/09/2013 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
11/05/2013 Bloomington City Council Elections
10/26/2013 Fall Cleanup at Chapter Grounds & Potluck
10/12/2013 Hands-on Conservation: Pond Dakota Park (Bloomington)
10/06/2013 Potluck & Presentation: Community Solar Gardens (Policy & Implementation)
10/06/2013 2013 Chapter Annual Membership Meeting
09/28/2013 Bloomington Sustainability Fair
09/21/2013 Celebration of Gordy Bratsch's Life
09/18/2013 Water-Smart Landscaping Info Booth (Donaldson Green Fair)
09/07/2013 Minneapolis Monarch Festival- Booth Attendents
07/27/2013 Bloomington Sustainable Garden Tour
07/16/2013 Water Use: Cutting-Edge Water Conservation Forum
06/29/2013 Shoreland Planting - Volunteer Planters Needed
06/04/2013 Water-Smart Landscaping Class
05/18/2013 Solar Regatta - Lake Phalen
05/04/2013 Spring Cleanup at Chapter Grounds
04/30/2013 Greening Your Congregation - Free Leadership Workshop!
04/27/2013 Hands-on Conservation: Restoring Ike's Creek / Trout Stream (near MOA)
04/20/2013 Celebrate Earth Day with the Bush Lake Chapter
02/23/2013 2013 Watershed Solutions Summit - Policy to Action (in Bloomington)
01/20/2013 IWLA Mn Division - Winter Board of Directors' Meeting
01/19/2013 Presentation & Discussion: Environmental Issues & Priorities in the 2013 Minnesota Legislature
01/19/2013 IWLA Mn Division - Winter Strategic Planning Meeting
12/13/2012 Bloomington "MinneSolar" Workshop
10/14/2012 Fall Cleanup at Chapter Grounds & Potluck
09/27/2012 A Conversation on Climate Change
09/19/2012 Guest Presentation: Utah's Red Rock Canyonlands
09/16/2012 2012 Chapter Annual Membership Meeting
04/26/2012 Living with Shoreland Workshop
04/19/2012 Water-Smart Landscaping Presentation
03/17/2012 Water-Smart Landscaping Presentation (in Eden Prairie)
03/17/2012 Watershed Summit (in Bloomington)
03/15/2012 Guest Presentation: Utah's Red Rock Canyonlands
03/11/2012 Winter Recreation Event / Izaak Walton's Birthday Party
02/25/2012 Water-Smart Landscaping Presentation
02/25/2012 Design with Nature Conference (in Plymouth)
02/25/2012 Chapter Info Booth (at Bloomington City Hall)
02/11/2012 Buckthorn Bust at Bush Lake Chapter Grounds
09/18/2011 2011 Chapter Annual Membership Meeting
05/07/2011 Living Green Expo - Chapter Info Booth / Public Outreach
04/30/2011 Spring Cleanup at Chapter Grounds
02/26/2011 Design with Nature Conference
02/20/2011 Chapter Social / Izaak Walton's 418th Birthday Party!
01/22/2011 Sigurd Olson, the Boundary Waters and the National Wilderness Movement
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