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  • Public Input Needed - Recycling & Trash Management Plan (at Bloomington City Hall)

Public Input Needed - Recycling & Trash Management Plan (at Bloomington City Hall)

  • 12/04/2013
  • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Bloomington City Hall / Civic Plaza (Council Chambers)

Did you know that each year 1.3 millions tons of recyclables are thrown away in Minnesota at a cost of $312 million?

Interested in seeing increased recycling rates?

To move forward with its Sustainabilty Plan, the City of Bloomington is developing a 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan that will address options for improved recycling services, yard waste collection and composting, better recycling at community spaces and events, bulky waste and appliance collections, and other aspects of reusing, recycling or disposing of unwanted items from residents and businesses. 

The first open house will be held Wednesday, December 4, 4-7pm, in the City Council Chambers.

Did you know that there are very few recycling containers placed in City Parks?  Have you seen any, among the abundance of garbage cans made easily available?

Were you curious why you did not see any (or very few) recycling containers at large public events in the City?

Did you know that businesses in Bloomington are not required to recycle?  Ever wonder if a copy center recycles any of the waste paper?

Attend to listen and provide your comments. 

More info here: http://www.ci.bloomington.mn.us/main_top/3_homecomm/trash/waste.htm

If you can't attend, you can email comments here: SolidWasteManagementPlan@ci.bloomington.mn.us


Here are some comments that could be used:

1. Set Significant City-Wide Solid-Waste Reduction Goals and Objectives (that can be measured and publicly reported).

2. To help meet waste reduction goals, require organized collection of recyclables at curbside for residents of Bloomington; organized collection shall include organics separation / recycling.

3. To help meet waste reduction goals, require recycling / waste reduction standards at Commercial and Multi-Family Properties.

4. Re-fill City Recycling Coordinator position to ensure that waste reduction goals are met, through providing city-wide and targeted outreach / education, technical assistance, progress tracking / reporting, etc.

5. Lead by example in recycling / waste reduction at Public Facilities, Parks, Events and Operations.  Require recycling / waste reduction standards at Public (and/or Permitted) Events.

6. Provide effective and targeted public education and technical assistance on recycling / solid-waste reduction.  Work collaboratively with Hennepin County Environmental Services and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on reducing solid-waste in public and private sector in Bloomington, to meet or exceed solid-waste reduction goals.






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