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Boy Scouts of America / Chapter Involvement

The Bush Lake Chapter and many of the area Scout Troups have a long history of working together for the improvement of wildlife habitat and outdoor experiences.

The Bush Lake Chapter has also been the recipient of many Eagle Scout Projects.  Some past Eagle Scout Projects include:

  • Construction of Canoe storage racks
  • Construction and Installation of Wood Duck Nesting Boxes and predator guards
  • Construction of Fire-pit / Council-Ring
  • Construction of Interpretive Signs
  • Construction of play equipment / recreation areas
  • Construction of firewood shelters
  • Construction of chimney swift tower
  • Construction of purple martin house
  • Construction of informational kiosks
  • Construction of Leopold benches
  • Construction of Loon Nesting Platforms
  • Creation of walking trails (mulched paths)
  • Managing Woodland Plant Communities / Removing Invasive Plant Species

For those interested in an Eagle Scout Project for the Bush Lake Chapter, some potential projects could include:

  • Building Picnic Bench / Seating Areas (for outdoor relaxation experiences)
  • Building Benches / Viewing Blinds (for wildlife viewing)
  • Building Nesting Structures (for birds and other wildlife)
  • Developing Walking / Hiking Trails (for outdoor recreation experiences)
  • Managing Woodland Plant Communities (for wildlife habitat & biodiversity improvement)
  • Creating Rain Gardens (for water quality / wildlife habitat / biodiversity improvement)
  • Shoreland Habitat Restoration (for water quality / wildlife habitat / biodiversity improvement)
  • Labeling of Neighborhood Street Stormdrains (for public education of stormwater runoff connection & impacts)

For more information, email Paul at pwerdmann@yahoo.com

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