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Chapter Rules / Policies

IWLA Bush Lake Chapter is a private property owner in a residential neighborhood.  Keep all noise and traffic at low levels out of respect to our neighbors.  Please help keep the grounds free of litter...Pack it in – Pack it all out

Violation of Chapter Rules, and any applicable state and local laws/ordinances, can result in membership revocation.

Use of Property by Member(s) of Record's Children & Guests:

  • The adult Chapter Member(s) of Record must always be present with Children under age 18, Adult Children 18 and over, and all Guests.  
  • Adult Chapter Member(s) of Record must not share gate keys with other family/friends.
  • Adult chapter member is responsible for the safety and behavior of their family/guests, and will be responsible for any damages.

Beach & Swimming Safety:

  • Beach is unsupervised - swim at your own risk
  • Parents/Guardians must supervise their children at all times on the beach and in the swimming area
  • Members may not reserve the beach area
  • No fishing in the swimming area, including the beach or raft area (due to risk of losing hooks)
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach (see "Dogs" rules below)
  • Respect the safety and rights of other beach users and swimmers at all times 


  • Izaak Walton chapter grounds are not for use as a Dog Park.  In order to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all who visit, all dogs must be under control at all times and not allowed to harass others, including wildlife.  
  • Dogs shall be leashed and under control when other individuals/families (especially families with children) are present.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach/swimming area.  They may be exercised in the shore area by the canoe rack or shore area 50-feet east of the beach.
  • Dogs must be under control at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for clean-up and proper disposal of pet waste.

Hours - Closed at 10pm:

  • Chapter grounds close at 10pm.
  • Members and their guests must leave the chapter property by 10pm, unless a written permit for extended hours has been provided by the chapter’s board of directors, in response to a written request.
  • IWLA-Bush Lake is a private property owner in a residential neighborhood.  Keep all noise and traffic at low levels out of respect to our neighbors.  Drive slowly on Izaak Walton Road.

Gate - when in doubt, keep it closed:

  • Close & Lock Gate when Entering & Leaving (except with posted chapter event)
  • Make arrangements for guests or family members arriving separately to gain access to the property (ie. cell phone, having someone wait at the gate with a key), but do not leave the gate open.
  • Do not block private driveways while waiting outside of gate / Do not park outside of gate.
  • Drive Slow & Safe when entering or leaving the chapter property – 20 mph is plenty.
  • Keep all noise and traffic -speed at low levels, out of respect to our neighbors.
  • Gate lock is changed annually in mid-February.  Members receive a new key when they renew their annual membership. 

Canoe/Kayak Storage:

  • A limited number of racks are available to members for canoe-kayak storage. Annual rack rental for canoes & kayaks is $50.
  • All stored watercraft must have a current DNR license (for 9-foot+ watercraft) and be in accordance with chapter requirements and policies.
  • All stored watercraft shall be securely tied down to prevent from being blown off the racks.
  • The chapter is not responsible for damage or loss that may occur to canoes, kayaks or paddle boards stored on the chapter racks  
  • For more information on rack-rental availability, email requests to: bushlakeikes@gmail.com

Use of lodge:           

  • All lodge group (3 or more) usage must be made by reservation, through the caretaker.
  • Only Bush Lake Chapter members may reserve the lodge.
  • The lodge may be reserved by members for groups up to 30.
  • Member making the reservation must be present during the entire event and is responsible for the safety and behavior of guests and for any damages.
  • $25 refundable deposit is required to hold a reservation.  Deposit will not be refunded if any required cleanup is not completed by the member renter. 
  • Member must be present before guests arrive
  • Member must provide gate opening & closing for arriving guests.  Guest vehicles must not block private driveways of neighbors. - Parking  outside the gate is not allowed.
  • Parking is limited - provide guidance to guests to park efficiently without blocking access.  Encourage carpooling.
  • Member must provide parking attendant, to efficiently park guest vehicles within chapter property, to allow access & parking by other chapter members.
  • Cars may not drive or park on the lawn near the lodge.
  • Groups must bring their own paper products and trash bags.  
  • The reserving member must clean-up the lodge and pack out all refuse.
  • Pack it in – Pack it all out  -  Please help keep the grounds free of litter.
  • Extinguish your fire completely before you leave the property.
  • Spring, Summer and Fall usage fee is $2 per person, with a minimum fee of $25 (maximum of 12 cars).
  • Winter usage fee is $4/person, with a minimum fee of $40 (maximum of 8 cars).
  • Contact Chapter Caretaker for checking lodge availability and reservations – pwerdmann@yahoo.com

Picnic Tables & Fire Pits - to be shared:

  • Be respectful and share with other members when there is high demand.  Chapter tables, fire pits, barbeque grills may not be reserved.  
  • Keep all fires in designated fire pits only.  Firewood is provided - do not bring in firewood.  
  • Extinguish your fire completely before you leave the property
  • Pack it in-pack it all out  (please help keep the grounds free of litter).
  • No upcoming events
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